Russian Federation Kenyan Scholarships 2018

Russian Federation Kenyan Scholarships 2018



The Russian Federation is offering Thirty Four (34) partial scholarships to Kenyan students at undergraduate and Postgraduate (Masters and PhD) degree levels.

Successful Applicants will be provided with Tuition waiver, a monthly allowance and accommodation at the University campuses on the same basis as the Russian students. Candidates should be able to cover their travel expenses, including a round –trip air ticket to Moscow, reception at the airport upon arrival and transfer to their places of study (approx. USD 250), as well as individual health insurance (approx. USD 250 per year).

The areas of study include:


  • Computer and IT
  • Computer Science and Computer Facilities
  • Electrical Power Industry & Heat- Power Engineering
  • Applied Geology, Mining, Oil and Gas Engineering, Geodesy
  • Agriculture, fishing and Forestry
  • Economics and management
  • Political science
  • Jurisprudence (Law)
  • Nuclear Energy and Technologies
  • Industrial Ecology and Biotechnology
  • Clinical Medicine

Further details on the scholarships and application procedures are available on the Ministry of Education, Kenya website: . The Preliminary application forms should reach the Ministry not later than 16th March,2018.

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