2018 Turkana County Government Massive Jobs Recruitment

2018 Turkana County Government Massive Jobs Recruitment

The Turkana County Public Service Board invites applications from competent and qualified persons to fill the following positions:

  1. REF: TUR/CPSB/003/2017/18: Director, Liaison Services, Job Group “R”, One (1) Post
  2. REF: TUR/CPSB/004/2017/18: Director, Partnership and Inter-Governmental Relations. Job Group “R”, One (1) Post.
  3. REF: TUR/CPSB/005/2017/18: Director, Irrigation and Agriculture, Job Group “R”, One (1) Post.
  4. REF: TUR/CPSB/006/2017/18: Director, Inspectorate Job Group “R”, One Post.
  5. REF: TUR/CPSB/007/2017/18: Director, Human Resource Management and Development, Job Group “R”, One (1) Post.
  6. REF: TUR/CPSB/008/2017/18: Director Environment, Job Group “R”, One (1) Posts
  7. REF: TUR/CPSB/009/2017/18: Director, Water services, Job Group “R”, One (1) Post.
  8. REF: TUR/CPSB/010/2017/18: Director, Culture, Arts And Heritage, Job Group “R” One (1) Post.
  9. REF: TUR/CPSB/011/2017/18: Director, Gender and Youth Affairs, Job Group “R” One (1) Post.
  10. REF: TUR/CPSB/012/2017/18: Director, Roads and Transport, Job Group “R”, One (1) Post.
  11. REF: TUR/CPSB/013/2017/18: Director, Mechanical and Electrical services, Job Group “R”, One (1) Post.
  12. REF: TUR/CPSB/014/2017/18: Director, Public Works, Job Group “R”, One (1) Post.
  13. REF: TUR/CPSB/015/2017/18: Director, Energy,, Job Group “R”, One (1) Posts.
  14. REF: TUR/CPSB/016/2017/18: Director, Fisheries, Job Group “R”, One (1) Post
  15. REF: TUR/CPSB/018/2017/18: Director, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and e-Government, Job Group “R”, One (1) Post.
  16. REF: TUR/CPSB/019/2017/18: Director, Resource Mobilization, Job Group “R”, One (1) Post.
  17. REF: TUR/CPSB/020/2017/18: Director, Preventive and promotive Health services, Job Group “R”, One (1)Post
  18. REF: TUR/CPSB/021/2017/18: Director, Social Protection, Job Group “R”, One (1) Post.
  19. REF: TUR/CPSB/022/2017/18: Director, Sports, Job Group “R”, One (1) Post
  20. REF: TUR/CPSB/023/2017/18: Medical Specialist (Radiologist), Job Group “R”, One (1) Post.
  21. REF: TUR/CPSB/024/2017/18: Deputy Director, Mechanical Services, Job Group “Q”, One (1) Post.
  22. REF: TUR/CPSB/025/2017/18: Deputy Director, Electrical Services, Job Group “Q”, One (1) Post.
  23. REF: TUR/CPSB/026/2017/18: Deputy Director, Performance management, Job Group “Q”, One (1) Post.
  24. REF: TUR/CPSB/027/2017/18: Deputy Director, Social Protection, Job Group “Q”, One (1) Post
  25. REF: TUR/CPSB/028/2017/18: Deputy Director, Early Childhood Education (ECDE), Job Group “Q”, One (1) Post.
  26. REF: TUR/CPSB/029/2017/18: Deputy Director, Vocational Training, Job Group “Q”, One (1) Post.
  27. REF: TUR/CPSB/030/2017/18: Deputy Director, Monitoring and Evaluation, Job Group “Q”, One (1) Post
  28. REF: TUR/CPSB/031/2017/18: Deputy Director, Roads and Transport, Job Group “Q”, One (1) Post.
  29. REF: TUR/CPSB/032/2017/18: Deputy Director, Treasury, Job Group “Q”, One (1) Post.
  30. REF: TUR/CPSB/033/2017/18: Deputy Director, Alcoholic Drink and Substance Abuse Control, Job Group “Q”, One (1) Post.
  31. REF: TUR/CPSB/034/2017/18: Deputy Director Inspectorate, Job Group “Q”, One (1) Post.
  32. REF: TUR/CPSB/035/2017/18: Deputy Director, Veterinary Services, Job Group “Q”, One (1) Post.
  33. REF: TUR/CPSB/036/2017/18: Deputy Director, Livestock Production, Job Group “Q”, One (1) Post.
  34. REF: TUR/CPSB/037/2017/18: Deputy Director, Revenue, Job Group “Q”, One (1) Post.
  35. REF: TUR/CPSB/038/2017/18: Deputy Director, Administration, Job Group “Q”, Three (3) Posts.
  36. REF: TUR/CPSB/039/2017/18: Deputy Director, Energy, Job Group “Q”, One (1) Post.
  37. REF: TUR/CPSB/040/2017/18: Deputy Director, Structural, Building and Architectural services, Job Group “Q”, One (1) Post.
  38. REF: TUR/CPSB/041/2017/18: Deputy Director, Tourism, Job Group “Q”, One (1) Post.
  39. REF: TUR/CPSB/042/2017/18: Assistant Director, Protocol services, Job Group “P”, One (1) Post.
  40. REF: TUR/CPSB/043/2017/18: Assistant Director, Monitoring and Evaluation, Job Group “P”, One (1) Post
  41. REF: TUR/CPSB/044/2017/18: Assistant Director, Structural, Building and Architectural services, Job Group “P”, Six (6) Posts.
  42. REF: TUR/CPSB/045/2017/18: Senior Superintending Engineer Structural/Architectural Job Group “N”, Six (6) Posts.
  43. REF: TUR/CPSB/046/2017/18: Principal Protocol officer, Job Group “N”, One (1) Post.
  44. REF: TUR/CPSB/047/2017/18: Ward administrator, Job Group “L”, Three(3) Posts.(Nanam, Kerio & Lobokat)
  45. REF: TUR/CPSB/048/2017/18: Administrative officer, Job Group “L”, Five (5) Posts.
  46. REF: TUR/CPSB/049/2017/18: ICT Officer e-surveillance, , Job Group “K”, One (1) Post
  47. REF: TUR/CPSB/050/2017/18: Data analysts, Job Group “K”, Two (2) Posts
  48. REF: TUR/CPSB/051/2017/18: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer 1, Job Group “K”, Thirteen (13) Posts
  49. REF: TUR/CPSB/052/2017/18: Peace Building and Conflict management Officers, Job Group “K”, Four (4) Posts.
  50. REF: TUR/CPSB/053/2017/18: Mineral Resources Officer, Job Group “K”, Four (4) Posts.
  51. REF: TUR/CPSB/054/2017/18: Petroleum Officer, Job Group “K”, Two (2) Posts.
  52. REF: TUR/CPSB/055/2017/18: Protocol Officers, Job Group “K”, Three (3) Posts.
  53. REF: TUR/CPSB/056/2017/18: Youth Development Officer II, Job Group “J” Seven (7) Posts.
  54. REF: TUR/CPSB/057/2017/18: Gender Officer II, Job Group “J” Seven (7) Posts.
  55. REF: TUR/CPSB/058/2017/18: ICT Officer II, Job Group “J”, Eleven (11) Posts.

If interested and have proper qualification; please check: www.turkana.go.ke for more information.

How to Apply

Written applications, CV’s, copies of certificates, testimonials and Identity Card should be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the left side the position being applied for and addressed to:

The Secretary,

County Public Service Board

Turkana County

P.O. Box 05-30500


OR delivered by hand at the reception desk at Turkana County Public Service Board Offices located along Nawoitorong road Opposite Lodwar Club located off Kitale-Lodwar highway.

To reach the office before the close of business on Monday, 15th June, 2018

Important information to all candidates;

  • Applicants’ are advised to apply for only one position
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted
  • Any form of canvassing or lobbying will lead to automatic disqualification
  • Officers serving with the County Government will be required to fill form TCPSB 2B which will be collected from Turkana County Public Service Board Offices during working hours.

Women and Persons Living with Disabilities (PWDs) are encouraged to apply

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